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Why our Clients love Google Ads

When our clients want to boost their leads, Google Ads are among the very first things we start with. Ads on Google take very little time to set up and can almost instantly generate a massive amount of leads if done correctly.

Benefits of Google Ads


Targeted Traffic, Leads, and Customers​​

Similarly to SEO, Google Ads allow your business to be ranked in the top position for high-traffic keywords with buying intent. This gives you visibility in front of your target group looking for your products and services generating tons of new leads and customers.


Fast Implementation and Lead Generation

While SEO can take anywhere from weeks to a few months to show significant results, Google Ads work almost immediately. A well constructed campaign will generate leads on the first day and continuous optimization will bring your lead count up while decreasing your costs.



The ability of constant optimiztion with the click of a button is another definite strength of Google Ads. Campaigns and ads that are not performing can be paused or turned off while effective ads can bee boosted with a greater budget.


High Conversion Rates

Google Ads generally have higher conversion and click-through-rates than comparable banner or Facebook ads. This is because Google Ads are placed in front of people already interested in a product or service and are actively searching for it.


Variety of Options like Retargeting and Email

Google Ads offer a great integration of retargeting and email campaigns that can be very effective once brand awareness and an interaction have been established.

Our Approach


Of all relevant search queries, keywords, and competitors in the industry


Of campaigns, setting up budget, target group, target keywords and bidding strategy


Of different ads, keywords, and budgets to identify the most effective approach


Implementation of the gained insights to increase leads and conversions while decreasing costs 

This is how Google Ads work

Google Ads actually encompass three different ad networks: the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, and the YouTube Network. When people talk about Google Ads, they are most often referring to the classic Search Network which lets your site appear above all the organic search result during Google searches.


Your customers search for a product or service, hit enter and get to the results page. There, the first one to three results are often ads that your competitors and you pay for. The higher your ad is displayed, the greater your visibility and the better your chance of getting clicks. The spot your ad appears in is determined by your bid (how much you are willing to spend per click) and your “quality score“.


The quality score is determined by your click rate, the quality and relevance of your ads and landing page as well as your organic visibility. Aside from working with Google Ads experts and web developers, you can increase your quality score another way: Investing in SEO and creating high-quality content that ranks on Google organically is very effective in increasing your quality score letting your ads rank higher. Conversely, the higher your quality score, the less money you will end up paying per click.


The Google Display Network and Youtube are additional channels that can provide synergies to your campaigns. Banner ads on different websites, sponsored video ads on Youtube and retargeting are very powerful in driving up your leads and conversions.

Checklist - Are Google Ads right for you?

If any of the following statements apply to you, then Google Ads might be a good fit for your business. If you are not sure about Google Ads, feel free to contact us for a free assessment and consulting call.

Your customers use Google to search for the products and services you offer.

Your competitors are advertizing on Google.

Your products and services can be explained comprehensively on your website

You are willing to spend money to get leads and potential customers

You prefer seeing results now rather than in a few weeks or months waiting for SEO or referrals

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